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About Us

Peter Hackett - mates looking after mates

Cooee Bay Trading Company is the Australian company managing

At SkippersMate we have since 2009, specialised in providing you with safety equipment for use on both land and sea and so that we don't overwhelm you with choices, we provide a small range of only the best PLB's, EPIRBs, optics, lifejackets (for you and your dog) and breathalysers - plus a few relevant extras like dry bags, safety whistles, binocular harnesses and caps. (coming soon)

We, being Peter and Di, run the business from our office in Brisbane, Queensland based on our ethics of giving good value and service, being transparent in our business dealings and accessible to our customers.

We like to keep things simple so if you have a question or have encountered a problem or are just a bit nervous about buying over the internet, then SMATEChat, TALK TO US by phoning Peter Hackett on +61418 776 862 or by sending us a message via email at

We will get back to you as quickly as possible.