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On Friday 11th September, 2020, Kinetic Technology International Pty Ltd (KTi) advised Australian and New Zealand retailers the follow statement:

Dear valued customer,

KTI has experienced many challenges over recent months including extended lead time for some critical components, whilst experiencing unprecedented demand for our products during recent weeks.

As a result, we are now facing unavoidable interruption to our product supply moving into spring.

We apologise for the inconvenience this will cause whilst we work towards resumption of supply.

In an effort to maintain supply for as long as we could, we purchased a large quantity of stock, warehoused in Auckland, with an expectation it would take us through till February 2021.

Unplanned by us was the fact that other NZ retailers had run out of their limited amount of stock, which placed a greater demand on ours. As such, we are no longer in a position to supply the product option you have chosen until KTi advises the retail sector further notice.

KTi Contact Details:

+61 3 9583 9566

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